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Insulated Fiberglass Booms for Tree Care Safety & Efficiency

Filament Wound Booms for Tree Care

Tree Care: Safety & Efficiency at New Heights

When it comes to tree care and right-of-way management, the right equipment can make all the difference. In recent years, filament wound booms have emerged as invaluable tools in the forestry and tree care industry. These innovative, insulated fiberglass booms offer a wide array of advantages, elevating safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in the field. In this blog, we'll delve into the reasons why opting for filament wound booms are crucial and why not doing so can have disadvantages that compromise the well-being of workers and the quality of tree care services.

Insulated Fiberglass Booms for Forestry & Tree Care

Advantages of Filament Wound Booms & Insulated Fiberglass Booms
Electrical Safety:

The most significant advantage of insulated fiberglass booms lies in their ability to protect tree care professionals from electrical hazards. When working in proximity to power lines, the risk of electrocution is always present. Insulated fiberglass booms act as a protective barrier, providing a critical layer of insulation between the worker and live electrical components, reducing the chances of accidents and potential fatalities.

Strength &Durability:

Filament wound booms are crafted using advanced winding techniques with high-strength composite materials. This results in booms that are incredibly robust. Their 7:1 Safety factor allows workers to handle heavy loads with ease. The durability of these booms ensures a longer service life, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing productivity in the field.

Disadvantages of NOT Using Filament Wound or Insulated Fiberglass Booms
Safety Hazards:

The absence of insulated fiberglass booms exposes tree care professionals to significant electrical hazards, leading to potential accidents, injuries, or even fatalities when working near power lines.


Why Should You Use Insulated Fiberglass Booms in Forestry & Tree Care?

Choosing filament wound booms – or insulated fiberglass booms – for forestry and tree care applications (also referred to as right-of-way management, or ROW) offers numerous advantages that enhance worker safety, and improve efficiency. The decision to opt for these modern booms is not only about elevating the quality of tree care services but also about safeguarding the well-being of the professionals who work tirelessly to maintain our natural landscapes. Embracing these innovations is a step towards a safer, more efficient, and sustainable tree care industry.