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Getting Started With Waco Boom

Getting Started With Waco Boom

Your Top Fiberglass Booms Manufacturer

For many manufacturers, the idea of going insulated seems to be a bit unrealistic. The idea has been there after seeing a competitor’s insulated model at a trade show. Perhaps a dealer has called saying they have customers specifically wanting a fiberglass boom because of the proximity their work is near power lines. Maybe you know insulation will make your products safer but you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’re here, our whole purpose is to help make the world safer for linemen and arborists. If you can’t find a starting point, call Waco Boom.

During the first call or email, we can dive into what you are trying to accomplish and provide feedback on what we offer. We are not a design firm and can’t make you a machine, but we can look at your design and offer input on how a Waco Boom could help. We will discuss diameters, lengths, and insulation gaps while also providing details of any issues we could foresee. Remember an insulated boom is only as good as the design of the machine. If you have exposed hoses or wires on the outside of the boom that encounters power lines, it could have the potential to track around the boom until it meets the ground making all that work rather pointless.

Once the design has been finalized, we will work on the prototypes and ship them to your facility. Typically, this is where the manufacturer would conduct a review upon manufacturing the prototype machine with the new booms. If there are any changes to future orders regarding dimensions, they should be noted and communicated to us here.  Congratulations, this is when production starts on your brand-new line of fiberglass insulated models. Let’s make the world safer!