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Digger Derrick Insulated Booms Manufacturer

Digger Derrick Insulated Booms Manufacturer 

What is a Digger Derrick?

A Digger Derrick is a specialized machine crucial for utility operations, featuring an auger and robust lifting capacity. Widely employed in new construction and maintenance, these machines play a pivotal role in setting utility poles for telecommunications, electrical transmission, and distribution. Additionally, they handle tasks such as setting transformers and providing linemen with essential aerial access.

Why Choose Waco Boom for Digger Derrick Insulated Booms?

In the realm of Digger Derricks, safety is paramount. These machines, often working near live wires while drilling into the ground, demand an additional layer of protection. This is where insulated booms become indispensable.

Benefits of Adding Waco Boom's Insulated Booms

Enhanced Operator Safety: 

The primary purpose of these machines involves ground drilling near live wires. Insulated booms act as a protective barrier, ensuring the operator's safety if the boom comes into contact with a powerline during pole placement.

Focused Ground Operations

Operators can concentrate on ground tasks without constant worry. The insulation provides a crucial safeguard, allowing them to focus on precise pole placement while minimizing the risk of electrical contact.

Why Waco Boom is Your Unrivaled Choice for Digger Derrick Insulation

Over 50 Years of Expertise: Waco Boom stands as an industry leader with a rich legacy of over 50 years in building fiberglass booms. Our extensive experience reflects in the quality and reliability of our products.

Safety Advocates on the Global Stage: As a testament to our commitment to safety, Waco Boom holds a prominent seat on the safety committee with Digger Derrick manufacturers. This influential position allows us to actively contribute to innovations and safeguards for operators worldwide.

Reputation Built on Safety: Our reputation speaks volumes about our dedication to safety. Trusted by top manufacturers in the industry, Waco Boom is synonymous with uncompromising safety standards and innovation.

Choose Waco Boom for Unmatched Safety and Performance

Elevate the safety standards of your Digger Derricks with Waco Boom's insulated fiberglass booms. Our expertise, coupled with a relentless commitment to safety, makes us the preferred choice for those who prioritize uncompromised performance and operator well-being.



Waco Boom manufactures with a specific focus on insulating booms for the aerial work industry and has been held as the industry standard for nearly 30 years. Since 1998, our engineering staff has maintained a presence helping inform and understand industry standards for domestic and international applications.

Waco Boom uses a filament winding process and unique molding techniques, unmatched by any other process. This ensures the highest resin-to-fiber ratio and heightened consistency, which translates to better stiffness and durability, prevention of air and moisture gaps, lighter weight, and superior aesthetics. When designing to customers’ needs for safety of life and property, choose the boom that is backed by the best quality, expertise, and service.


All progress and development at Waco Boom reflect back to manufacturing the best filament wound booms. The quality assurance program is built on the premise of continual improvement. This improvement is pursued in production efficiencies, new tooling and part designs, enhanced quality checks, and engineering research.

Waco Boom performs onsite destructive break testing and dielectric tests. This focus and attention are unparalleled and new challenges are welcome to help drive a safer, lighter, stronger, and unique product for the aerial lift industry.

Boom Availability

Based on performance requirements, Waco Boom can help recommend and develop the proper boom for your application. Tooling can be machined to create a unique, proprietary component for your design. In addition, on the back, you will find a chart with readily available common boom sizes.

Our Process, Our Booms

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Global Leaders in Fiberglass Booms
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Decades of Experience

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