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Insulated Booms for Equipment & Applications

Filament Wound Boom Applications

Welcome to Waco Boom, where safety meets innovation in the world of insulated booms. Our dielectrically insulated booms are engineered to redefine safety standards across diverse applications. Explore the following applications where Waco Boom's expertise and commitment to safety shine.

At Waco Boom, we don't just manufacture booms; we innovate safety. Each application-specific insulated boom is a testament to our dedication to reliability, compliance, and the well-being of operators. Choose Waco Boom for a safer, more efficient work environment.

Insulated Booms for Equipment & Applications

Elevate your aerial work platforms with Waco Boom's insulated booms. Whether you're navigating power lines or reaching towering trees, our booms provide a crucial layer of protection for operators working at heights.

Safety is paramount in utility operations. Waco Boom's insulated booms for Digger Derricks provide enhanced protection for operators working near live wires, ensuring a secure environment for tasks such as setting utility poles and transformers.

Take safety to new heights with our insulated booms for Spider Lifts and self-propelled platforms. These versatile solutions cater to tasks that demand precision and flexibility, providing operators with a secure working environment.

Safety is paramount in arboriculture. Waco Boom's insulated booms for big tree trimming equipment offer operators the confidence to navigate tree canopies near power lines, ensuring both personal safety and the integrity of the equipment.

Transform your equipment with our specialized insulated booms for attachments for cranes and skid steers. Waco Boom's commitment to safety ensures that these attachments can be used near power lines without compromising operator security.

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