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Filament Wound Boom & Insulated Boom Designers

Filament Wound Boom & Insulated Boom Designers

Designing Insulated Booms

At Waco Boom, we design and manufacture fiberglass booms according to our client’s needs and applications. As insulated boom designers, we have been designing custom-insulated booms since 1974. Our booms can be found around the world thanks to our reputation for consistency, quality, and on-time delivery.

Filament wound boom designers start with the dimensions our clients require for their insulated boom. This includes any documents, drawings or supporting documents that detail this information. Once dimensions are finalized, we move on to approval of our standard tolerances and load ratings. As experienced insulated boom designers, we have a reputation for designing booms with the right fit, strength and non-conductivity. Our fiberglass boom designers design filament wound booms to your exact size specifications.



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Benefits of Designing Fiberglass Boom

What are the Benefits of Designing Fiberglass Booms?

At every step of the process, our clients get the benefit of our experience. We want our customers to be successful, so if we see a design element that won’t work, we speak up to ensure your fiberglass aerial boom is the best it can be.

Finally, when designing insulated booms, safety is our top priority. We design fiberglass booms that meet all applicable ANSI standards. We commit to designing the highest quality fiberglass booms so our customers can work safely and effectively.

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Applications for Fiberglass Booms

What are the Applications for Fiberglass Booms?

We design for the following filament wound boom applications:

  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Commercial and retail
  • Municipalities, public works, and departments of transportation
  • Electric utility
  • Telecommunications
  • Sigh, light, and traffic
  • Wind energy
  • Tree care and vegetation management


Our Process, Our Booms

Waco Boom's expertise in a multi-stage, controlled manufacturing process is why our booms are the best performing and most reliable booms in the industry.

Quality Raw Material Input

Over 30 years of vetting different types and sources of fiberglass combined with a special epoxy-based resin system, enables us to produce the very best Fiber-Reinforced (FRP) booms and jibs.  All materials undergo quality assurance testing when received.

Filament Winding

Waco Boom’s CNC Filament Winding is optimal for focusing patterns and glass angles specific for load requirements and stresses of the aerial work platforms or jib arms.


Through a proprietary Close-Molding process, Waco Boom can achieve high-density, controlled fiber-to-resin ratio.  This serves optimum capacity, stiffness, and strength at the basket / boom tip with less weight of material. In addition, it controls specific dimensions and condenses voids in the laminate so moisture and debris cannot enter and cause dielectric failure.


After a controlled curing cycle, booms are prepared for coating.  A grinding process provides surface prepping without cutting deep into the continuous fibers which provide its strength.  The standard gelcoat sprayed by Waco Boom provides durability and flexibility. It is also designed so it can easily be sanded if booms are going to receive a final coat of urethane once installed.


Quality Assurance checks are administered throughout the production process based on customer specifications and internal tolerances.  Prior to shipping, all booms undergo dialectric testing, and final inspections.

These processes evolved over the company’s history to create a truly unique insulating boom.  Our exacting and unique manufacturing processes ensure the highest strength and degree of insulation possible in the industry.

Our Process, Our Booms

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Global Leaders in Fiberglass Booms
Global Leaders in Fiberglass Booms
Quality Raw Material Input
Quality Raw Material Input
Quality Assurance Checks
Quality Assurance Checks
Decades of experience
Decades of experience

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