Waco Boom
Waco Boom
Fiberglass Booms For Your Aerial Lift Device


Inspection of booms upon arrival.

  • Inspect upon arrival for freight damage.
  • Inspect upon arrival for manufacturer defects.

Uncrate booms upon arrival.

  • Do not store booms in shipping material.
  • Storing in shipping materials may allow moisture to accumulate, which could cause blistering and dielectric failure.

FIFO (First In, First Out) with inventory.

  • Keep boom stock rotated, using oldest boom first.

Inside Storage

  • Ideally it is best to store booms inside.

Outside storage.

  • Store booms off the ground.
  • Allow for air flow.
  • Pallets are good to use.
  • Pallets keep booms from sitting in damp conditions.
  • Protect from the sun.
  • Cover loosely with a tarp to inhibit potential UV damage.
  • No need for elaborate storage system.

Download Recommendations for Storage