Fiberglass Booms For Your Aerial Lift Device from Waco Boom

Fiberglass Booms For Your Aerial Lift Device

Fiberglass Booms are our specialty at Waco Boom Company. We strive to make the world’s finest filament wound, fiberglass reinforced, epoxy booms for the aerial lift industry. Waco Boom’s paramount goal for over 25 years has been to be the industry leader in the manufacture of insulated fiberglass booms. Our FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) booms are recognized as the leader in quality and safety by the aerial lift industry.

Starting out as a regional company in 1988, Waco Boom has developed into a world-wide supplier of fiberglass booms. Waco Boom competes daily for customers on the world market. Waco Boom uses only the highest quality materials and state of the art production methods in the manufacturing of over 10,000 insulated FRP booms and insulated jibs annually for the utility industry, arbor industry and others that must safely work near energized electric power lines.

No other company in the world produces more or better fiberglass booms than Waco Boom Company.