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Forestry & Tree Care Insulated Booms

Tree Care & Right-of-Way Management

Maintenance of trees and plant life on the rights-of-way minimizes unexpected electrical service interruption. Operators servicing rights-of-way on aerial lifts require reliable, safe, insulated equipment that protects them from nearby electrical hazards while allowing them to manage trees and shrubs efficiently. Waco Boom products installed on bucket trucks, “cherry pickers,” and track driven aerial devices ensure a rigid and proven solution for safely performing work near electric lines. For more details and information on our forestry, tree care, and ROW management insulated booms, contact us today!

What is Tree Care?

Tree care encompasses a range of practices aimed at maintaining and enhancing the health, safety, and aesthetics of trees. It involves various tasks, such as pruning, trimming, removal, planting, and disease control. Tree care professionals, often known as arborists, are trained in tree biology and maintenance techniques to provide expert care to trees in urban and natural environments.

What are the benefits of using Insulated Fiberglass Booms in Forestry & Tree Care?

Highlight the advantages of using insulated fiberglass booms in tree care operations: Safety.

These powerlines are carrying more than 46 kilovolts (46,000 Volts), and using an insulated boom could help the operator trim the trees more safely by ensuring there is a barrier between voltage and ground.

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Right-of-Way Aerial Lifts

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    Forestry, Tree Care, & ROW Management Insulated Booms

    Why is it Important to Use Fiberglass Insulated Booms in Tree Care Applications?

    In the tree care industry, the use of fiberglass insulated booms is of paramount importance for several reasons:

    Electrical Safety:

    Working around power lines poses a significant risk of electrocution for tree care professionals. Fiberglass insulated booms act as a crucial safety measure, providing electrical insulation and protecting workers from potential electrical hazards.

    Regulatory Compliance:

    Many jurisdictions and safety regulations mandate the use of insulated equipment, including booms, to comply with industry safety standards and minimize electrical risks.

    Enhanced Safety:

    Insulated booms significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents, ensuring the safety of tree care professionals and other workers in the vicinity.

    Reduced Safety:

    Without filament-wound booms, workers may face higher electrical hazards and increased risks of accidents and injuries.

    What are the Disadvantages of NOT Using Filament Wound Booms on Tree Care Equipment?

    Discuss the potential drawbacks of not using filament wound booms: Tree branches grow around powerlines and often touch which may lead to energizing the very branch the operator is trying to trim. When a grounded operator meets high voltage, it becomes very dangerous.

    Why Should You Choose Fiberglass Insulated Booms for Forestry & Tree Care?

    Tree care is a vital practice that involves various tasks aimed at maintaining the health and safety of trees. Using insulated fiberglass booms in the tree care industry is essential to ensure the safety of workers, protect trees, comply with regulations, and enjoy the numerous benefits that these booms offer. On the other hand, not using filament wound booms can lead to reduced safety. Therefore, adopting modern, insulated equipment is key to elevating the efficiency and safety of tree care operations.

    Waco Boom is proud of its reputation for manufacturing the strongest, safest, most reliable, and most innovative booms for aerial equipment. Various geometric profiles are custom manufactured by Waco Boom for tree care and arboriculture. In addition to our cost-effective round booms for high-reaching mounted tools, Waco Boom manufactures the longest square and rectangular profiles in the industry for optimum stiffness and tensile strength. Improved quality measures also allow for better fit and function in telescoping applications.

    With new profile innovations and expanded manufacturing equipment, Waco Boom will help your tree trimming devices reach new heights.


    For three decades Waco Boom has been the trusted standard in producing reliable insulating booms for the aerial work industry. Since 1988, Waco Boom engineers have helped inform and shape industry standards for domestic and international applications. 

    Waco Boom’s unique filament winding process and molding techniques, coupled with superior electrical grade fiberglass and epoxy resin systems ensure heightened consistency, optimum stiffness and durability, prevention of air and moisture gaps, lighter weight, and superior aesthetics. Each filament-wound boom is submitted to rigorous onsite destructive break testing and dielectric tests. When designing to customers’ needs for the safety of life and property, choose the boom that is backed by the best quality, expertise, and service in the industry.


    Waco Boom continues to be the industry leader in developing state-of-the-art filament wound booms for aerial lift manufacturers. Ongoing onsite engineering research directly informs innovative processes, techniques, and product designs. Waco Boom continually strives to improve processes in pursuit of increased production efficiencies, new tooling and product designs, and enhanced quality checks. With each new challenge, Waco Boom works to produce a safer, lighter, stronger product for the aerial lift industry. This combination of innovation and attention to detail puts Waco Boom at the forefront of the industry, manufacturing the best filament-wound booms for aerial work.

    Boom Availability

    Based on performance requirements, Waco Boom can help recommend and develop the proper boom for your application. Tooling can be machined to create a unique, proprietary component for your design. In addition, the chart below displays readily available, common distribution boom sizes.

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