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Transmission Insulated Booms & Line Lifters

Insulated Booms for Utilities Transmission

In the dynamic landscape of the energy sector, the role of insulated fiberglass booms has emerged as a vital component, particularly in transmission applications and industries. Waco Boom supplies manufacturers of aerial units with the highest quality filament wound booms for optimal safety and function. Dependability in the insulated boom is crucial for end-users specializing in the maintenance and repair of energized transmission lines.

These specialized booms offer an array of benefits that are indispensable for ensuring operational safety, efficiency, and compliance. Let's delve into how insulated fiberglass booms contribute significantly to these sectors, particularly in contexts like transmission equipment and line lifters.


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Insulated Booms for Transmission Equipment & Line Lifters

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    Advantages of Insulated Fiberglass Booms for Transmission Applications & Industry

    Enhanced Electrical Safety

    One of the paramount advantages of utilizing insulated fiberglass booms in transmission applications is the enhanced electrical safety they provide. Working in close proximity to high-voltage power lines and equipment is a critical task that demands utmost caution. Insulated booms act as an effective barrier, isolating workers from live electrical components, thus significantly reducing the risk of electrical accidents. This attribute is equally crucial for line lifters who handle tasks involving elevated transmission lines.

    Mitigating Accidental Contact

    Accidental contact with live components poses a substantial risk in transmission settings. Insulated fiberglass booms serve as a safeguard against such incidents. When working on transmission equipment or during line lifting operations, these booms act as a non-conductive shield, preventing any unintended electrical flow and associated hazards.

    Compliance with Industry Standards

    Both transmission applications and line lifters are subject to stringent safety regulations and industry standards. Utilizing insulated booms aligns with these regulatory requirements, ensuring that operations adhere to the highest safety protocols. This adherence not only safeguards workers but also prevents potential operational disruptions due to safety violations.

    Uninterrupted Workflow

    In transmission applications, time-sensitive maintenance and repairs are a constant demand. Insulated fiberglass booms expedite the process by providing a secure means to access high-voltage equipment. This accessibility is equally advantageous for line lifters, enabling them to address line maintenance tasks promptly. Reduced downtime translates into enhanced operational efficiency and minimal disruptions.

    Durability in Harsh Environments

    Transmission equipment and line lifters often operate in challenging environmental conditions. The durability of insulated fiberglass booms shines in such settings. Resistant to corrosion (however, it is imperative it is well-maintained, please see below for more information) and weathering, these booms offer longevity, even in adverse weather. This resilience ensures a prolonged operational lifespan, ultimately resulting in cost savings over time.

    Safeguarding Transmission Operations with Insulated Fiberglass Booms

    Insulated fiberglass booms stand as a cornerstone of safety and efficiency in both transmission applications and line-lifting activities. By minimizing electrical risks, facilitating compliance, and contributing to uninterrupted operations, these booms elevate the standards of safety and performance in the transmission industry. Furthermore, their role in line lifting underscores their adaptability to even the most specialized tasks within this sector. As the energy landscape continues to evolve, the importance of insulated booms for transmission equipment and line lifters cannot be overstated - a safeguard that empowers progress in the power sector.

    Benefits of Using Fiberglass Booms for Transmission Equipment & Line Lifters

    What are the benefits of using Fiberglass Booms for Transmission Equipment & Line Lifters?

    Using fiberglass booms for transmission equipment and line lifters offers a host of benefits that contribute to enhanced safety, efficiency, and overall effectiveness in these critical operations.

    Here are the key advantages of utilizing fiberglass booms in these contexts:


    1. Electrical Safety: Fiberglass booms provide an excellent insulating barrier, effectively isolating workers from live electrical components. This is crucial in transmission operations and line lifting tasks where the proximity to high-voltage equipment poses significant electrical hazards. The non-conductive nature of fiberglass prevents accidental electrical contact, reducing the risk of electrical shock and associated injuries.
    2. Reduced Electrical Accidents: By preventing electrical flow through the boom, fiberglass booms drastically reduce the chances of electrical accidents. This protection is invaluable for workers operating in close proximity to live power lines, transformers, and other high-voltage equipment. It ensures that the workspace remains safe and secure, minimizing the likelihood of critical incidents.
    3. Compliance with Safety Regulations: Transmission operations and line lifting are subject to rigorous safety regulations and industry standards. The use of fiberglass booms demonstrates a commitment to safety compliance. These booms help organizations meet safety requirements, avoiding penalties and ensuring that workers are protected according to the highest safety standards.
    4. Versatility and Adaptability: Fiberglass booms are versatile tools that can be adapted to various transmission equipment and line lifting tasks. They can be used with different types of line lifters and platforms, offering a practical solution for accessing elevated areas. This adaptability enhances the efficiency of operations by streamlining equipment setup and usage.
    5. Enhanced Accessibility: Fiberglass booms extend the reach of workers, enabling them to access elevated transmission lines, transformers, and other equipment. This increased accessibility ensures that maintenance, repair, and inspection tasks can be performed effectively without the need for elaborate scaffolding or other access methods.
    6. Durability in Harsh Environments: Transmission equipment and line lifters often operate in demanding environmental conditions, including exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and various chemicals. Fiberglass, renowned for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, makes these booms exceptionally well-suited for deployment in such challenging settings. However, it's crucial to note that while fiberglass offers inherent corrosion resistance, maintenance diligence remains paramount. A comprehensive care regimen is vital to avoid complacency that might compromise the equipment's dielectric integrity. Debris accumulation, road grime, dirt, and grease accumulation have the potential to lead to dielectric failure over time. This is particularly pronounced in adverse weather conditions. Operators are advised to uphold a meticulous cleaning and maintenance routine, including the application of appropriate wax coatings. This regimen not only ensures rainwater beads off effectively, preventing streaks, but also prevents the formation of pathways where electricity could potentially flow down the boom's length. With proper care and regular maintenance, the fusion of fiberglass's robustness and an attentive upkeep approach translates to an extended operational life and diminished maintenance expenses.
    7. Operator Confidence and Efficiency: The inherent insulation and safety features of fiberglass booms instill confidence in workers. This confidence leads to increased efficiency as workers can focus on their tasks without constant concern for potential electrical hazards. The lightweight design of fiberglass booms also reduces operator fatigue, enhancing overall productivity.
    8. Cost Savings: Investing in fiberglass booms for transmission equipment and line lifters results in long-term cost savings. Their durability, reduced maintenance needs, and contribution to preventing accidents all contribute to lower operational expenses over the equipment's lifecycle.

    Transmission Equipment & Line Lifter Applications

    Transmission Equipment Applications

    1. Transmission Line Maintenance: Insulated booms are used to access transmission lines for routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Workers can safely navigate and perform tasks on high-voltage power lines without the risk of electrical shock.
    2. Transformer Maintenance: Transformers are critical components in the transmission network. Insulated booms enable workers to access and perform maintenance on transformers, ensuring their optimal functioning without exposing workers to electrical hazards.
    3. Substation Work: Substations are vital hubs in the transmission infrastructure. Insulated booms are employed for tasks like equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs within substations while minimizing the risk of electrical accidents.
    4. Tower Inspections and Maintenance: Insulated booms provide safe access to transmission towers, enabling workers to inspect and maintain tower structures, hardware, and components without encountering live electrical elements.

    Line Lifter Applications

    1. Line Lifters for Overhead Line Maintenance: Line lifters equipped with insulated booms allow workers to raise themselves to the height of transmission lines. This setup enables safe and efficient maintenance activities on overhead lines, including cleaning, hardware inspection, and conductor replacement.
    2. Vegetation Management: Line lifters with insulated booms are used for vegetation management around transmission lines. Workers can trim trees and remove vegetation without risking electrical contact or outages.
    3. Conductor Installation and Stringing: During conductor installation or stringing operations, line lifters with insulated booms provide workers with a secure platform to guide and control the movement of conductors, ensuring proper alignment without electrical risks.
    4. Emergency Repairs: In case of line faults or damage, line lifters with insulated booms allow workers to access elevated lines for emergency repairs, ensuring that power restoration is done safely and swiftly.
    5. High-Tension Line Inspections: Line lifters equipped with insulated booms enable inspectors to perform close examinations of high-tension transmission lines, identifying potential issues and ensuring the network's reliability.

    Servicing Your Transmission Customer

    Waco Boom understands that insulated booms for aerial lift platforms, line lifters and other transmission equipment need to be specially designed for applications with a Category A rating per ANSI A92.2. Surfaces are purposefully prepared and coated with dielectric materials that prevent accrual of debris within the boom section and assist in cleaning. Waco Boom’s manufacturing process provides the most consistent and dense fiber-to-resin ratio, preventing voids and gaps and ensuring dielectric integrity. This attention is important as customers work with transmission and subtransmission line voltages ranging from 69kV to 765kV. Waco Boom is committed to continual improvement and working toward new designs to provide the most rigid, safe and far-reaching booms in the world. Request a quote today on our insulated booms for transmission equipment or our insulated booms for line lifters.



    As the industry standard for custom fiberglass booms for three decades, Waco Boom has been involved in many of the unique designs of insulated aerial devices for Transmission Line work. Since 1988, our engineering staff has maintained a presence helping inform and understand industry standards for domestic and international applications.

    Waco Boom uses a filament winding process and unique molding techniques, unmatched by any other process. This ensures heightened consistency, which translates to better stiffness and durability, prevention of air and moisture gaps, lighter weight, and superior aesthetics. When designing to customers’ needs for safety of life and property, choose the boom that is backed by the best quality, expertise, and service.


    All progress and development at Waco Boom reflects back into manufacturing the best filament wound booms. The quality assurance program is built on the premise of continual improvement. This improvement is pursued in production efficiencies, new tooling and part designs, enhanced quality checks, and engineering research. Waco Boom performs onsite destructive break testing and dielectric tests. This focus and attention is unparalleled and new challenges are welcome to help drive a safer, lighter, stronger, and unique product for the aerial lift industry.

    Boom Availability

    Based on performance requirements, Waco Boom can help recommend and develop the proper boom for your application. Tooling can be machined to create a unique, proprietary component for your design. In addition, on the back you will find a chart with readily available common boom sizes.

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