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Global Insulated Boom Manufacturer

Waco Boom History

Carl Whisenant at the new oven controllers – early 90’s

50 Years Of Experience

By the time founder Vince Hanke brought the company to Waco, he already had more than a decade of developing and producing fiberglass booms.  Once in Texas in 1988, the company was still small and expanding beyond its handful of customers. Over the decades, Waco Boom’s fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) booms have become globally recognized as the highest quality available in the insulated aerial lift industry.  It is humbling to see this product at work and keeping operators safe in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


Waco Boom History News Article

     G&H Fiberglass Inc. & Alliance Equipment Co.                

As Waco Boom legend describes, founder Vince Hanke made his first fiberglass boom by hand in a chicken coop and most of the early development occurred in his garage. Founded in 1974, G&H Fiberglass began selling booms out of its Alliance, OH location, then founded Alliance Equipment in 1983 to manufacture buckets. Vince focused in on the insulating booms when moving the business to Waco, soon to become a global insulated boom manufacturer.

Waco Boom Fiberglass Insulated Boom

Move to Waco

Originally named Waco Fiberglass Inc., the company first moved to Waco, TX for more strategic proximity to customers and to benefit from Texas’s manufacturing support.

Waco Boom Building

New Campus

The Hanke family purchased the former Conlee Seed Co. building and surrounding acreage at 481 TX Central Pkwy to expand the Waco Fiberglass manufacturing, on the brink of becoming a global insulated boom manufacturer.

Waco Boom Employees


The courses taught in this program to Waco Boom employees established a consistent trend for employee training and enhancement of quality measures. With the introduction of more automated controls in the plant, the SPC program helped develop an understanding of using and qualifying manufacturing equipment.

Waco Boom Building Infrastructure

Move Into New Facility

The Conlee Seed building infrastructure was complete and ready for move-in. Production began with two curing ovens in the building. The property is still home to Waco Boom’s manufacturing and offices with several renovations and expansions through the years.

Waco Boom Manufacturing

Winding Upgrades

Now COO, Bob Simon, had been with the engineering team for 2 years when they began major overhauls to the winding system. Resin baths were redesigned for more cleanliness, volume, reduction of fiber tension, and better control of resin wet-out. One winder was extended to handle round booms up to 36’ long for the tree care industry. Other upgrades mitigated absorption of moisture in the fiberglass prior to winding and the bulk resin system was introduced.

4-Axis Winding

Winders were upgraded to 4-AXIS machines allowing constant bandwidth, reduced tensions, and the

Winding Computer Upgrades

The user interface and servos of the computers in addition to the winding motors to provide more a robust and reliable system to improve capacity and efficiency.

Waco Boom Fiberglass Insulated Boom

Longer Boom Trials

Production and engineering began to research and examination of the longest square profile boom to date–a 50’ long square boom! Waco Boom continues to pursue methods and equipment to produce booms of this length on the in the standard production line.

Waco Boom Employees Expanded

Building Expansion

Once concluding several permitting delays, Waco Boom was given permission to occupy the new expansion where infrastructure is underway to support the next generation of equipment and increase in capacity.

Waco Boom Logos

A New Image 

Waco, Tx, March 21st, 2024 – Waco Boom has updated their look with a new logo.


Waco Boom has become nearly synonymous with fiberglass booms in the insulation industry around the world since adapting the name in 1994.  Since 1974, our company’s goal has always been to provide the industry with insulated fiberglass booms to keep linemen and operators safe.


Our name recognition has become our brand and we wanted to relaunch a logo that emphasizes our name while still showing what we build. When scheming our new colors, we wanted to connect with our customers regardless of the color palette they use for their own logo; thus, making black and white our new colors going forward.


Waco Boom is ready to apply its knowledgebase and quality to your next project. Engineering, Sales, Production, and Quality Assurance will work to ensure the best performing boom to elevate your project to new heights.

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Global Leaders in Fiberglass Booms
Global Leaders in Fiberglass Booms
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Quality Raw Material Input
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Decades of experience
Decades of Experience

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