Waco Boom
Waco Boom
Fiberglass Booms For Your Aerial Lift Device

Fiberglass Booms
For Your Aerial Lift Device

Waco Boom specializes in making the world’s finest aerial lift booms. Our insulated fiberglass booms and jibs serve the utility industry, arbor industry and others that must safely work near energized power lines. These applications require a strong, non-conductive part that is reliable for years. Waco Boom uses filament winding technology, coupled with the superior electrical grade fiberglass and epoxy resin systems, to accomplish this goal. Rigorous testing ensures that our booms will meet your safety needs.

Our quality product, dependable delivery, and focus on process control for over 50 years has made us the global leader in the production of fiberglass insulated booms and jibs. We offer an extensive variety of tooling and specialize in customizing part construction to the customer’s application.

Others have tried to copy our revolutionary molded epoxy filament winding process. No one can match our focus on fiberglass boom advancement. No one can match our dedication to making insulated fiberglass booms that are recognized as the industry standard. No one produces a safer and more consistent fiberglass boom than Waco Boom.